Erin is a native Oregonian, full designer and general contractor, artist, mom and dreamer. She is passionate about hot yoga, loving and caring for family and friends, designing beautiful and functional homes, running in the forest, and always seeking to find peace, beauty and inspiration in the chaos of everyday life.

As an only child, Erin spent her formative years surrounded by a flurry of construction paper, cutting, gluing and creating. She now paints in her large garage studio playing with paint and plaster, hot and cold waxes, blue tape, propane torches, palate knives and an endless supply of letters and words.

Using large palette knives, she builds thin layers of limestone clay and acrylic stains on a panel’s surface. She layers text, images, ephemera and found objects to construct her stories on panels, layer by layer she pushes the boundaries of her materials, daring to combine mediums in new ways.  She scrapes, etches and sand back bits and pieces of each layer unearthing the buried emotions, creating pieces with the history of a life lived in the beautiful, rich place between frenzy and freedom.

Erin’s work explores the idea that we are all made up of the stories that were handed down to us from generations before, and ones that were written for us from the day we were born.  It is when we become conscious of their influence in our everyday lives that we can become not just a reader and repeater of our own history, but the writer of our own futures.

Using layers of typography, photographic images  and sensuous layers of limestone clay and cold wax, Erin’s graphic narrative comes alive as she is transformed from reader to writer, victim to victor. Each panel a cathartic memoir designed to inspire the viewer to bring their own stories to light.